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February 22, 2007

Coop’s Picks

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Coop’s latest pick of favorite Generation Dog product is one that is close to his heart - and his stomach!  Grandma Lucy’s Carob Cherubs Treats are the bomb!  Packaged in a large box kind of like a small cereal box, these heart-shaped treats taste great, are good for you, and give you lots of bang for your buck. All Grandma Lucy’s treats are 100% natural with USDA Approved Ingredients, No Preservatives, Sugar, Salt or By-Products.  The ingredient list really makes you think their treats are coming straight out of Grandma’s Kitchen.  And in Coop’s case, his grandma really IS named Lucy!! (no relation of course to “THE” Grandma Lucy)  The ingredients for the Carob Cherubs are:  flour, unsalted margarine, fructose (natural fruit sugar), egg, carob powder (doggie-safe chocolate) and cinnamon.  You can’t get much simpler than that!

To order these yummies for your furry friends, click here.

Generation Dog is Growing!

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